Interested to volunteer for the Let's Take A Walk?

Fill in this form if you're keen to help out for LTAW 2022! We will get in touch with you if you are selected.

The roles available are below.


Compulsory Briefing for Volunteers
Date: 12 August 2022
Time: 830pm-930pm
Venue: Online

Tee-shirt collection for Volunteers
Date: 13 August 2022
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: SAFRA Punggol

LTAW physical event
Date: 27 to 28 August 2022


- Publicity 

Pre-event, to help in writing short social media updates e.g. profiles on walkers and/or help in media pitching. During event period (August 13-18), you will be supporting the publicity team with timely updates where necessary. 

- Photographers/ Videographers

Volunteer photographers/videographers are expected to own a digital SLR camera (mobile phone cameras do not count) and other relevant equipment such as tripods. You will be expected to process the photos and upload them into a shared drive promptly after your shift.

- Checkpoint assistants 

Stationed at the various checkpoints islandwide. Guide participants on using the new QR code check-in system and provide them with assistance if required. Keep the organisers updated about the activity of the checkpoints. 

- Event Day Registration crew 

Be prepared to arrive earlier than the rest! We will help set up registration booths and then guide walkers to check-in. You are likely to be deployed as checkpoint assistants or marshals after registration ends. 

- Logistics crew
Must be physically fit. Duties involve the setting up and tearing down of the various checkpoints. The job also requires loading and unloading of moderately heavy equipment and logistics. 

- Participants' welfare
Help participants finish their walks. You will assist the Logistics team with providing food, water, etc, to participants along their routes.

- Marshals 

Stationed at various points along the designated routes. Direct walkers to the path they are required to take. Smile and cheer for the walkers. So it would be a bonus if volunteers have lovely smiles.

- Sweepers 

Must be physically fit and conditioned for long distance walking. Patience is a must! Follow the last person on foot. Look out for participants and remind them of checkpoint cut-off times, cheer on those who are lagging and alert the LTAW team if there are any issues or drop-outs along the way.

- First aid and safety
Trained in first aid and able to provide external care (muscle rub/spray, minor cuts). May be stationed at checkpoints or go on bicycle along stretches of flat paths to ensure that participants are well.

- Event t-shirt
- Meal allowance (will vary depending on volunteer's role)
- VIA hours for students


Do I have to be there on all event days?
No, you can take one or more shifts over the event days. 

Can I pick a timeslot?
Yes, we’ll send a few options based on your availability.

Checkpoints: Can we indicate a preference for where to be stationed?
Yes, we’ll try to match your preference with the location as much as possible.

Is it possible to participate as a walker and volunteer the next day?
Yes, if you think you can manage to get enough rest after walking.

Can I volunteer as a group? 

Yes but this will be subject to role availability. Please indicate in the questions box which roles/checkpoints your group would like to do.

Do we get any allowance?

A token sum will be given if F&B is easily obtainable near your site, otherwise, meals and drinks will be provided for volunteers.

Why do we need to fill up the age of birth? Is there an age requirement to volunteer?
Parental consent is required for those under 18 years old as of 30 October, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What does a participant's welfare volunteer do? 
This volunteer looks after participants’ welfare by distributing food and drinks at checkpoints. They also help cheer up participants at checkpoints and help to make sure they complete the walk.