FAQs about Registration and Mode of Payment

1. What are the modes of payment available?

All participants must pay through JustRunLah’s payment methods.
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal).

2. Will I get a confirmation email?

Your email receipt from JustRunLah will serve as your confirmation email.

All participants will receive further updates via email informing them of pre-event briefings, training walks, and the details for the actual day event.

3. Can I make registration and payment on the day of the walk?

No. We do not accept registration or payment on the day of the walk.

4. How much is the registration fee?


Virtual (SGD)

Physical (SGD)

Early Bird Rate*

Normal Rate

Early Bird Rate*

Normal Rate



30 54




40 72




50 90


* Early bird rate ends on 3 July 2022 (extended from 30 June)

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FAQs about the physical event

1. What are the categories available for this year’s LTAW?

We have both physical and virtual categories available.

  • Virtual categories include 20km, 50km, and 100km.
  • Physical categories
  1. 100km, to be completed within 33 hours
  2. 50km, to be completed within 16 hours
  3. 20km, to be completed within 6 hours

2. I do not live in Singapore, can I still register and participate in the virtual category?

Yes, you can register for the virtual category and walk anywhere in the world. All participants must pay through JustRunLah’s payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal).

3. When is Let’s Take A Walk 2022?

Let’s Take A Walk 2022 (physical edition) will be held from 27 August to 28 August 2022. The virtual edition will be held from 13 August to 26 August 2022.

4. How long is the walk?

Let’s Take a Walk 2022 consists of three walks: 100km, 50km and 20km. Participants must complete the 100km course within 33 hours from the start time, the 50km course within 16 hours from the start time, and the 20km course within 6 hours from the start time.

5. Do I take part as an individual or as part of a team?

Registration is done as individual participants. However, for safety reasons and for camaraderie to keep you going along the walk, we highly encourage you to form up and walk your chosen distance as a team.

6. What are the start and end times of Let’s Take A Walk 2022?

Category Flag off Timing/ Date
20km (Sat 27/08) 08:00, 27 Aug 2022
20km (Sun 28/08) 07:30, 28 Aug 2022
50km AM 07:00, 27 Aug 2022
50km PM 22:00, 27 Aug 2022
100km 07:00, 27 Aug 2022

7. Where does each category start and end?

The start and end points will be Sports Hub (100km / 50km AM / 20km Sat), SAFRA Punggol (50km PM) or SAFRA Tampines (20km Sun). 

8. What happens if we cannot complete the route within the specified times?

Each participant must reach every Checkpoint by its stipulated cut-off time to complete the whole course in time. Any participant who does not reach a Checkpoint by its cut-off time will be disqualified from the event.

The Organisers’ decision is final.

9. Who can participate in Let’s Take A Walk 2022?

The event is open to anyone who is up to the challenge. We do require parental consent for participants below 18 years of age as of 28 August 2022. The parental consent form can be downloaded here and must be sent within 5 days after the registration closing date 31 July 2022. An adult must accompany participants below 12 for the entire event.

10. Do I have to be fit to participate in any of the walks?

Let’s Take A Walk 2022 is not a competitive event and walking is a relatively low-impact sport compared to running. Nevertheless, walking 50km and 100km continuously is a physical and mental challenge to anyone and does require a certain level of fitness. If you have any doubts about your health and fitness, please consult your doctor or a health specialist before signing up.

11. Is there a baggage storage area at the start of the walk for us to keep our bags?

There will not be any baggage storage area. Participants are strongly advised to pack light for ease of walking. Alternatively, you can rally your friends to form support teams to replenish your supplies along the route.

12. Can I bring my child along in a pram?

The use of prams is strongly discouraged due to safety reasons.

13. Can I rollerblade or cycle during the walk instead?

Let’s Take A Walk 2022 is strictly a walking event. Participants are required to walk on foot the entire route. To ensure the safety of all the participants, rollerblading, cycling, skateboarding and other forms of travel other than walking are prohibited.

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14. Will I get any ‘goodies’, t-shirts, vouchers, freebies etc, along with my participation?

The registration fee includes a unisex event tee-shirt (there’s an opt-out option should you not feel the need to receive an event t-shirt). Finishers of the 100km physical walk will also receive a Finisher’s Tee. There is strictly no changing of tee-shirt sizes once registered.

15. Will food & drinks be provided for participants in the long walk?

Let’s Take A Walk 2022 is a self-supported event. Participants are encouraged to organise their own logistical support and ensure they have enough food and water along the course. Alternatively, there are numerous convenience stores (e.g. 7-11, Cheers), coffee shops, and eateries along the route, where you can purchase food and water.

Where possible, food and water will be provided at selected points along the routes – however, this is not guaranteed for all Checkpoints and all participants.

16. Can we stop and rest for meals and drinks during the 50km & 100km walk?

Yes, of course! You can stop and rest to refuel at any time as long as you complete your walk within 33 hours for 100km and within 16 hours for 50km. However, if you decide to take an extended break, do inform the organisers via the Ops phone number printed on the number bib or the Checkpoint volunteers, so that we know you are still participating. 

17. Can we sleep during the long walks?

We discourage sleep-walking as you will be a hazard to other participants and members of the public. But seriously, some participants do take naps and some do not. It’s really up to you! The personal challenge is yours and as a participant, you are free to strategise your walk and resting plans with fellow walkers.

Remember, Let’s Take A Walk 2022 is a non-competitive event. We are here to have fun! Again, if you decide to take an extended break, please inform the organisers via the Ops hotline number printed on your bib or the LTAW volunteers (e.g. Checkpoint ICs) so that they can continue to look out for you.

18. Must I have a support team?

The use of a support team is highly recommended for participants taking part in the 100km and 50km walks. You are advised to travel as light as possible. If you have a support team, they can meet you at the Checkpoints with food, drinks, a change of clothes, night gear, massages and moral support.

19. Is the endpoint open to the public?

Yes, of course! Get your boyfriend(s), girlfriend(s), husband, wife, parents, children, siblings, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, pets… (the list goes on) to witness your triumphant return at the end point!

20. What are the common types of injuries observed in previous events?

Foot blisters and sore muscles are the most common types of injuries, especially for participants of the longer walks. It is important to have ample rest the day before the walk events. Doing sufficient warm-ups helps to prevent muscle cramps during the walk. To prevent serious conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke, we always encourage the participants to hydrate themselves sufficiently and rest whenever required. KNOWING YOUR LIMIT is important! Adequate training and consultation with your doctor or health specialist before the walk are also critical to preventing injuries during the walk.

Read what our past participants have to say for a better idea of what to expect!

21. What type of safety support will be provided for the walk?

Before the event, participants in the 50km and 100km walks will be given a safety briefing on 10 August, 8pm, via Zoom (more details via email to participants).

During the actual event, there will be a mass warm-up before the flag-off and there will be dedicated first aid support teams throughout the event. Basic first aid facilities are also available at selected Checkpoint stations. Finally, participants are advised to carry essential first aid items like plasters, muscle rub, bandages and cotton wool on their own.

22. What if I get injured and I am unable to finish the walk?

Please contact the event staff or the Organisers (via the hotline numbers printed on your bib).

23. What facilities are available at the Checkpoints?

The Checkpoints are essentially basic stations to allow participants to check in their arrival timing and have a quick rest before they proceed with their journey. Facilities at selected Checkpoints include basic first aid facilities. Most Checkpoints will have spacious areas to give you the opportunity to meet up with your support team.

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FAQs about the physical walk routes

1. Where are we walking?

Details of the final routes are now available on the Useful Downloads page and in the Participants' Handbook. Opening your category route on your mobile device will save a copy of it on Google Maps.

For safety considerations and to enhance the enjoyment of walkers, we have designed the routes along many park connectors. In situations where park connectors are not available, participants may have to walk on pedestrian pavements. 

2. Will there be any water stations throughout the routes?

Participants are strongly advised to make their own arrangements (i.e. their support teams) for their personal water consumption throughout the walks. There are convenience stores (e.g. 7-11, Cheers), coffee shops, and eateries along the route where you can purchase food and water from.

3. Will the routes of Let’s Take A Walk 2022 be closed to traffic?

The routes are planned such that they cause minimal disturbance to the public. As such, the route will not be closed to traffic. Please always be alert for other path users such as cyclists, wheelchair/pram users, pets being walked, etc.

4. Is there transportation before and after the event?

Participants will have to make their own transportation arrangements before and after the event. No special transportation arrangements will be made for participants.

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FAQs about training

1. Will there be any training sessions before the actual event?

Yes, in order to get our participants ready for the walks, free training walks will be scheduled covering portions of the routes on the actual event day. Attending the training walks is not compulsory, but we strongly encourage participants of the 100km and 50km walks to take part.

Look out for preparation tips and events on LTAW website and social media channels!

2. Will we be sufficiently prepared by attending all the training walks and clinics?

The training walks and clinics are meant to assist in your preparation and complement your training plan. They are not meant to replace your own preparation. All participants are encouraged to conduct their own training and preparation so as to have an enjoyable experience during the event.

Note: All walks are subject to prevailing safe management measures during the event.

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FAQs about the virtual walk event

1. When and where will I need to complete my Let’s Take a Walk 2022 virtual category?

You can complete your walk anywhere outdoors, at a location of your choice, at any time or date between 13-26 August 2022. The virtual walk offers you the opportunity to participate within your own community space. Walk along your favourite route or look out for new routes you can explore.

In Singapore, we encourage you to walk along the park connector networks.

2. What happens if I cannot complete the distance in one go?

You are not required to complete the distance in one session to be considered a finisher. You can accumulate your distance over multiple walks.

3. Can I complete my walk on a treadmill or indoors?

No, you will need to walk outdoors at a location with a good GPS signal, as you are required to keep track of your walk through a GPS running device or GPS running app. You may even walk around your house but walking indoors on a treadmill unfortunately will not register on a GPS app.

4. When do I need to complete the walk?

A walk clocked from 13 August 2022 to 26 August 2022, 11.59pm will be accepted in the submission. All submissions must be uploaded to the website (instructions in the registration email) by 28 August 2022, 11.59pm.

If you are unable to complete your walk and upload your GPS-tracked screenshots of your walk/s by the deadline, please write to support@justrunlah.com for assistance.