The Let's Take A Walk (LTAW) Team is made up of volunteers from all walks of life who believe in Paying It Forward.  Here is the team that makes LTAW 2019 possible:

Co-Chairperson: Maziah

 "When I walked 50km in 2015, the volunteers kept us going when things became a lot more mentally and physically challenging towards the end. Volunteering overnight in 2017 was also great fun and it was uplifting to see the participants press on with their loved ones turning up to support them."


Co-Chairperson: PJ

"I truly enjoy torturing myself through long walks as I see benefits in my personal development, as well as physical and mental fitness.  I hope to bring LTAW to you so that you can learn more about yourself during a meaningful walking challenge."


Publicity & Sponsorship: Tricia

"There’s something about connecting with the outdoors on your feet through a nice long walk – and why not connect with friends and other like-minded people whilst supporting a good cause, too!"


Publicity & Sponsorship: Kia

"An endurance sailing adventure I had participated over a decade ago totally challenged my perspective of life and the experience has positively transformed my life ever since.  I'm delighted to have this opportunity to be part of the organising committee to enable this community to challenge themselves and hopefully, change lives and pay it forward."


Treasurer & Route Planner: Jia Hui

"I want people to know that they can make an impact by simply walking."


Operations: Lu Yi

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. You'll be amazed how far you can go. Keep walking, keep exploring!"


Operations: Tian Wey

"What define me is to continue till the end!"


Admin: Ros

"I was a 100 km finisher in 2017 together with my enthusiastic GengCariPasal.  We participated because we wanted to do our part for the charity organisation.  This year I want to do my part not only for the charity organisation but for the 2019 walkers as well."


Admin: Wen Huey

"I want to be a part of this because I want to spend my time on something meaningful.  Let’s have a walk together!"


Admin: Vivian

"LTAW is a great platform for promoting the spirit of inclusivity, pay it forward, endurance and challenge one’s limits in team camaraderie and doable not just for ultra marathoners.  An excellent opportunity to bond with friends, especially previous team mates and new ones."


Logistics: Pinky

"Because I can’t run, can’t walk for too long but I sure can help organise for those who can. Feels good to pay back to the society."


Logistics: Allan

"I love the "can do" attitude of the team, everyone volunteering up their precious time and effort to enable fellow Singaporeans to complete this experience of a long endurance walk.  I have learnt so much from everyone in the committee and want to do my part to bring extra support to the teams walking this year!"


IT: Vernon


Advisor: Linglee

"Because putting one foot in front of the other is as simple as it is difficult.  And this is how one gets to where one wants to be."